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Truck drivers are needed for Hanna Truck Line. Please call 1-800-633-6044.

Why Work at Hanna Steel?

"I have been employed since 1985. We had good years and we have weathered some bad years. But I have never missed a payday. Hanna Steel is not a company it is a family. We share in the good times and we pull together in the bad times. That's what a family does."

—  Hanna Steel Employee

Hanna offers a work experience that compliments the cultural values of its employees. While it is true, the most rewarding and profound accomplishments are achieved through cooperation and collaboration with others, at Hanna we recognize and reward the value that the individual brings in that extraordinary process.

We allow our employees a degree of autonomy rarely available outside owning one's own company. It has been accurately stated that, "Working at Hanna is the closest thing to owning your own business, without owning your own business." Equally important to our success is the understanding that such autonomy is balanced with a commensurate degree of responsibility and accountability.

We consistently persue talented individuals of impeccable character who desire to participate with others of like abilities and character in developing what we believe to be is a very special organization. If you consider yourself such a person whose talents, values and character may be in concert with ours, then we'd love to talk to you.